Welcome to Bayt El Khebra Group - we have over 80 years of expertise
Experience has roots and foundations

Experience has roots and foundations:

  • From a family-owned business in Cairo’s working class district of Sabtiya, BEK has emerged as a national leader on the Egyptian business scene. The family business was originally founded in 1949 by Mr. Abdullah Mohamed Abdullah as a steel dealership. The founder instilled a strong sense of teamwork, commitment and entrepreneurship, which bore fruit in contracts with several public and private entities, including the Ministry of Agriculture and the Egyptian Armed Forces. In the mid 1980’s, Engineer Khaled Abdullah founded an architectural firm and a construction firm, which he eventually merged and combined with the original family-owned business to create the well-respected Bayt El Khebra Group that is known today throughout Egypt and the Middle East.


  • 1949: Bayt El Khebra is founded by Mr. Abdullah Mohamed Abdullah as a steel dealership.
  • 1984: Bayt Elomara founded, later to be merged with other Group companies.
  • 1985: Elmemaryah Construction & Trade founded, to be merged later into the BEK Group.
  • 1996: El Masryeen for Trade & Economic Development is founded.
  • 2000: El Masryeen Economic Development is founded.
  • 2003: Bayt El Khebra Economic Development & Trade is founded.
  • 2005: Technoloease is founded.
  • 2007: Pharos Cement Industry is founded.
  • 2007: Egyptian Company for Urban Development is founded.
  • 2010: El Masryeen Real Estate is founded.
  • 2011: BEK establishes its new headquarters building on the Maadi Corniche.
  • 2014: Elmasreen for Factoring is founded.