Welcome to Bayt El Khebra Group - we have over than 80 years of expertise
Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message:

  • We have established a business entity more than eighty years ago, which has been growing, expanding, and increasing its contribution and partnerships, and raising its credibility locally and abroad to be a corporate group that has its place on the map of business and money. Undoubtedly, there have been deep thoughts, visions and messages that govern its performance, values, principles and policies. These were set by experts on all levels, from the top management which puts its strategy, to the leaders who work on implementing them, to the advisory bodies whose task is to confirm its path and governance which include generations of leaders and various schools of thoughts. These leaders have achieved real success stories in the jobs which they have held. Indeed, this corporate group has put the interests of the country at the forefront of its priorities. This is a group committed to partnership as the means of full support through evaluation and studies that offer solutions and alternatives that enable the promising projects to take off and add more success to the list of successful projects and help the pioneering entrepreneur in his field, to continue his path. When we see problems as opportunities, and difficulties as challenges, it is certain that this vision is a turning point in the course of investment for the companies that have started their road and have stumbled along the way, but have returned and managed to continue and move towards achieving their goals and increase their list of successes... The turning point in companies and projects that have started their path and increased their ambitions is that they have returned, expanded and stood out through carefully studied partnerships. We believe that a broader and more comprehensive vision for investment must lead to renewed success. Our success is not measured in figures, or based only on the testimonies of experts and major international, regional and local institutions. Our success is measured by the extent of the difficulties and challenges facing our partners which we – together – have crossed to open the gates of hope and hard work. Our success lies in the growth and development of our ideas. Our investments today are not restricted to direct financing. These investments expand to include our participation, and partnership, with companies and projects that increase their capabilities to contribute to the national economy and open the way to more business opportunities. This is based on our understanding of the true meaning of investment, which is the development of our country and offering high-quality services to our fellow Egyptians.