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Bayt El Khebra for Factoring (Technofactoring)
El Masryeen for factoring represents BEK Group in factoring services

  • El Masryeen for factoring Company offers an integrated financial service including working capital financing, credit risk protection, receivables management and collection.
  • The company enables the seller and the buyer to deal with the open account in the field of export and import operations without the need to open bank letters of credit.
  • The Company provides a liquidity ratio of up to 100% in some cases of the value of financial rights.

El Masryeen for factoring .. Liquidate your cheques and receive your money
Factoring Advantages

  • Enabling both buyer and seller to deal through an open account in the scope of import and export transactions without opening banking letters of credit..
  • Rapid turnover for the working capital through cash flow and raising the leverage ratio for better financial structure.
  • Enabling the cash net values of the commercial papers which lead to financing the production circle continuously.
  • Enabling liquidity ratio of the seller's financial rights up to 80%.
  • Managing the financial issues to lighten the administrative burden, and to raise the core business level.

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